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Now that you're familiar with how to register for and view courses, it's time to spread the gift of learning to your teams:

  • Administrators are able to deliver content to anyone in the organization--a perfect opportunity to ensure that everyone has access to the compliance and training they need.
  • Managers have access to assignment for both direct and indirect reports. Keep your employees at the top of their game with learning offerings you can assign on the fly.

Make your way back to the Learning Library via the Learning button in your navigation. We already know how to get familiar with the course details. Let's use the Assign button from the Library to open up the course assignment window.


Here you can control all aspects of the assignment:

  • Specify who will receive the assignment by typing their name or using quick-filters:
    • My Team – The course will be assigned to all of your direct reports. This is only visible to managers with direct reports.
    • Extended Team – The course will be assigned to all below you in the organization hierarchy. This is only visible to managers with indirect reports.
    • Everyone – The course will be assigned to every single employee in the company including yourself. This is typically only used for compliance courses.
  • Course Due Date (optional)
    • Can assist with compliance and reporting
    • Will drive completion with a specific deadline
    • Must be a date in the future
  • Add a Custom Message (optional)
    • Personalize the learning assignment
    • The text limit of this custom message is 1000 characters.

We'll assign this to our team so that everyone can be up to date on this training. Let's also add a due date to keep people accountable.


Please Note

The email notification for an assignment will always be sent, regardless of the presence of any customized message.

If everything looks good, click Assign Course and go get a cup of coffee. Treat yourself.

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