Overdue Courses Report

Via the left navigation, go to PiiQ Insights> Learning Reports> Overdue Courses Report

The Overdue Courses Report allows administrators to quickly identify all users who have overdue courses in the organization. Use this report to answer questions like:

  • Which teams are at risk for compliance-based learning?
  • Which departments and/or locations have the largest difficulty completing training on time?
  • Where should my attention be focused to ensure that requirements for learning are met?

Step 1: Run the report

Select the Overdue Courses Report in the reporting list. This will generate the report and all employees with overdue courses will be listed.

Field Meaning
Person Name of the employee
Course Course Title
Due Date Date by which the course must have been completed
Manager Name of the manager of the employee

The report allows you to filter the data based on:

  • Course name (Multiple)
  • Roles
  • Tags
  • Managers

To select a filter, start typing in that field and select the relevant option.


Step 3: Next actions

You can select one or more employees from the report and take the following actions:

  • Send Email Reminder: Send users an email to remind them to complete their Learning Course assignments.
  • Change Due Date: Change the due-date for the learner(s) and send them an optional notification email.
  • Cancel Assignment: Cancel a course assignment and send an optional email to notify affected users that they no longer need to complete that course.

Step 4: Export data

If you wish to export data into an excel spreadsheet, click on the triple dot icon in the top right corner and then hit the Export button. You can export a subset of data by selecting a few records, or export the entire data set.

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