Send Reminders, Edit Due Dates and Cancel Assignments

Don't Regret, Remind!

Now that your learners have some assignments to work through, you may find yourself needing to adjust due dates or send reminders. Time tables for completion can change in the blink of an eye. Luckily, your assignments are equally flexible. From the Manage Learners page, you are able to send emails to keep people on track, shift the due date of an assignment or cancel it entirely.

Head to the Learning Library via the Learning navigation button and search for your course. Click the View button to enter the details section. Use the Actions dropdown to select Manage Learners. If you aren't familiar with Manage Learners, check out this article!



Use the checkboxes beside the profile icons to select one or more users for bulk actions. Select as many learners as needed. Your selection will be saved even if you page through the table. Using the checkbox in the header row will select all assignments that meet your chosen filters.


Use the checkboxes to select the assignments you need to edit


Now that your learners have been selected, click the triple dot menu to access the bulk actions dropdown.

Triple Dot menu

The triple dot menu allows you to perform bulk actions and is only interactive when one or more learners are selected.

There are three assignment actions that you can perform once learners are selected:

  • Send Email Reminder - give someone they poke they need to get their learning completed.
  • Change Due Date – adjust the due date freely to maintain flexibility in assignment.
  • Cancel Assignment – remove an assigned course if it is no longer needed for the learner.

Send Email Reminder

To send an email reminder directly from PiiQ to your learners, select them from the learners table and choose the Send Email Reminder action from the triple dot menu.


Manage Learners - Change Due Date

To change or add a due date to an existing assignment, select the relevant learners and choose the Change Due Date bulk action from the triple dot menu.

When changing the date, you will be offered the option to send a notification email to the users to let them know a due date was changed or added. A summary confirms how many learners will be impacted.



Manage Learners - Cancel Assignment

To cancel the assignment of a course, select the relevant learners and choose the Cancel Assignment bulk action from the triple dot menu. The slide out window confirms the course. You will be presented the option to send a notification email to the employee to tell them the course assignment was removed. A preview allows you to see how the email will look once sent.

Please Note

Only assignments made by managers and administrators can be canceled through Manage Learners. Self-registrations are owned by the employee, and cannot be canceled. 
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