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FYI on the Fly

All right! Now that we've registered for a course, it's time to enjoy the content. If you haven't registered for a course or had one assigned to you, take a peek at our guides on the subject. (Register for a course / Assign a course)

To quickly access your course, use the navigation menu and select Me > My Learning to be taken directly to your transcript where courses can be played directly. You can also find recently registered/assigned courses on the dashboard. These course cards work similarly to those in the full Learning Library and can be used to resume your training at any time.


Head to your Transcript via My Learning to play courses directly or use the course cards on your dashboard to access course details.

Once you launch your course you'll open up a new window with the PiiQ Course Player. Our player is a simple and mobile-friendly platform that makes viewing your learning quick and easy.

Please Note

Use the table of contents to move between chapters of the course and access supplementary materials such as spreadsheets and documents. Depending on the content of the course, media will either play directly within the player or be downloaded to your device:
  • Uploaded videos will play directly in the player
  • Videos hosted on external websites such as and will play directly within the player
  • Documents and spreadsheets will be downloaded to your device
  • Website links will open in a new tab

Your chapters will complete when you have finished their contents. This could mean accessing a downloadable material and then clicking Mark Complete or watching a video. Complete chapters will show in the table of contents with a check mark.


If your course has Reference Material attached, you may access it at any time by clicking the Reference Material tab next to the Chapters tab.

When you are finished viewing your course, you can navigate back to PiiQ by using the Go Back link above the table of contents.

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