Track Myself: My Learning

Proof of Progress

Take a pit stop at My Learning to see just how far you've come on your journey of development. All courses, whether self-registered or assigned, will display here for your records. Multiple completions for different versions of a course? Yep. Percentage progress for courses yet to be completed? You bet. A handy dandy report that you can generate with the click of a button to display all your learning prowess? How did you know?!

My Learning serves as your living record within PiiQ Learning and can be accessed by selecting Me > My Learning from the navigation bar.


My Learning report enables you to share a list of all courses you are working on or have completed. This information could be invaluable to a performance review process or development discussions. Click the Export button to download the spreadsheet.

The report lists the following fields:

  • Course Title
  • Course Status (Not started, in progress or completed)
  • Completion Percentage (if applicable)
  • Due Date (if the course was assigned and a due date set)
  • Assigned By (could be a manager, administrator or yourself if the course was self-registered)
  • Date Completed
  • Last Played Date

Please Note:

Admins can generate this report for learners by using the Admin Mimic feature to access their My Learning transcripts.
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