Track a Course: Manage Learners

Roll Call!

When learning becomes an urgent matter--or better yet, before that ever has a chance to happen--managers and administrators can track learners for a specific course. This makes identifying stragglers, reporting on completion progress, and sending follow up communications a paper cut-free endeavor.

To get to Manage Learners, we'll need to access the details page for the course we want to track. Head to the Learning Library via the Learning navigation button and search for your course. Click the View button to enter the details section.

Learning Library - Click any of the course cards to view course details
On the course details page, use the Actions dropdown and select Manage Learners.

The Manage Learners page displays the selected course, as well as a filtered table with a listing of employees whose learning you have access to manage.

  • As a manager, you will have the ability to filter by My Team and your Extended Team (indirect reports).
  • As an administrator, you will have the ability to filter by the entire organization using the Everyone filter.

The table will indicate the following fields:

  • Learner's Name
  • Course Progress
  • Due Date
  • If the course was assigned or self-registered, and by whom
  • The date of assignment/registration

Learners table filters

The default filter when entering the Manage Learners page will be "My Team." You may need to change this filter to see learners who have been assigned the course.

Use the checkboxes beside the profile icons to select one or more users for bulk actions. Select as many learners as needed. Your selection will be saved even if you page through the table. Using the checkbox in the header row will select all assignments that meet your chosen filters.


Manage Learners - Selecting users for bulk actions

Use the triple dot menu to select the Export option. Export allows you to download the current list of learning assignments for a course to excel. The report will extract the assignments for all currently active filters. For example, if you filter for complete assignments, the resulting report will list only assignments where the employee has completed the course. For a comprehensive list, deactivate all other filters and select the appropriate group (My Team, Extended Team, Everyone.

Please Note

The triple dot menu allows you to perform bulk actions and is only interactive when one or more users are selected.

The report lists the following fields:

  • Course Title
  • Learner's name
  • Course Progress
  • Assigned by (either the manager or administrator who assigned it, or the learner if self-registered)
  • Date assigned / self-registered

Now that you have your list, feel free to check it twice! Now might be a good time to send a reminder.

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