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Selecting Edit Course from the Course Details dropdown will return you to the Course Draft Details page, where you can make any necessary changes or Customize and Categorize your content. Once you have completed adjusting the course, you have three options:

  • Publish Changes – Refresh your published course with the newest updates from your draft. This option only appears once you make a change.
  • Save and Exit – Save any changes and exit to the Course Details page.
  • Discard Draft – Delete any changes that have been made since the last time the course was published. This cannot be undone.

Making changes to courses mid-way

Keep in mind that learners in progress will be required to complete the chapter again. If a learner has already completed the entire course, it will remain completed and in the version that the learner accessed when they completed the course.

Archive and Delete Courses

Courses within your portal may be archived or deleted as needed. Once you have entered the Course Details area by selecting a course from the Learning Library, click the Actions dropdown to view these options.


Archiving (Hiding)

An archived course is not visible to learners and will be removed from the My Learning of registered users. However, if a user has already completed a course that is later archived, the completion will still exist on their transcript. Once a course is “Hidden,” it must be published again to be viewed or assigned.


Administrators will be able to view archived courses in the Learning Library.


Course Deletion

Deleting a course will remove it permanently from your portal. All assignments and registrations will be canceled and cannot be restored. Please use caution whenever deleting a course.

Note: The system restricts deleting courses provided by our content providers. Instead, you would archive courses the hide them from view. 

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