Course Completion Report

Via the left navigation, go to PiiQ Insights> Learning Reports> Completion Report

The Completion Report allows administrators to quickly identify employees who have completed one or more courses over a period of time. Use this report to answer questions like:

  • How many courses were completed last quarter by employees on a given team?
  • What sort of learning is most attractive to those in a leadership role?
  • Of these three compliance courses on the same subject, which has the highest completion rate?

You can also review How to Run Advanced Reports with Tags.

Step 1: Select the Time Frame

To generate the report, first select a date range in the top right corner.


Step 2: Filter Report Results

The report will list all employees who have completed one or more courses within the specified time frame. The result table lists the following fields:

Field Description
Person Name of the employee
Course Course title
Due Date Date by which course must be completed
Date Completed Date when the course was completed

The report allows you to filter the data based on:

  • Course name (Multiple)
  • Roles
  • Tags
  • Managers
  • Enrollment (Self-Registered or Assigned)

To select a filter, start typing in that field and select the relevant option.


Step 3: Export Data

To export data into an excel spreadsheet, click on the triple dot icon in the top right corner and then hit the Export button. You can export a subset of data by selecting a few records or export the full list.

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