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Eagle Eyes on Engagement

Swing on by Learning Insights to get a bird's eye view on the engagement of your organization when it comes to their learning and development. Quickly identify your culture as it stands and gains actionable information to guide the journey. Click Insights > Learning Reports in the navigation bar to see how your learners stack up.


Here is where you'll see two widgets describing the following:

1) How engaged are my learners?

We've split learning engagement into four categories to indicate the activity of employees in the past 90 days.

  • Idle Learners are employees who have not registered or completed any learning courses in the last 90 days. They need encouragement to explore the Learning Library to boost their skill development.
  • Passive Learners are employees who have played at least one assigned course in the last 90 days. They only engage in learning when prompted to do so. They need encouragement to explore courses on their own to boost their skills.
  • Curious Learners are employees who have self-registered and completed at least one course in the last 90 days. They show interest in self-improvement and development. Encourage these learners to dedicate more time to learning.
  • Active Learners are employees who have completed at least one self-registered course in the last 90 days. They are motivated and engaged learners who further their own personal development without any prompting. Active Learners utilize online learning more efficiently and help to create a thriving learning culture. Encourage these learners to share their learnings with others in the company.

Use the View Report button to download a spreadsheet that identifies your learners and their engagement.


2) How much of the learning is self-directed or assigned by managers/admins?

Are people taking their learning into their own hands, or is the status quo still reliant on management and administrators? Get a feel for who is driving the development of your employees.

Learning reports for your organization also live on this page. Be sure to make frequent use of them to assist in the optimization of your initiatives. Check out their respective pages for more detail.
  • Completion Report - Track all courses that were completed (by Learner) in your organization within a specified time frame.
  • Overdue Courses Report - Track all overdue courses (by Learner) and follow up on completion.
  • Course Activity Report - Gain insights on how engaged your learners are by tracking the registration and completion of courses over time.
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