Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Tags

Tags are labels that can be used to organize people, improving your people search and allowing for advanced reporting.

Tags are organized into Categories, and there are two types of Tags:

  • Administrator Managed Tags - Tags can be assigned to a user by the administrators, and they will be visible to administrators and managers only. Only one Tag may be assigned per category.
  • Employee Managed Tags - Employee Tags are visible on their Universal Profile. Multiple Tags may be assigned per category.

Tags should be created before adding people, so you're able to assign Tags to specific employees. You can create as many Tags or Categories as your organization finds useful. You can use Tags for any type of employee information you want to report on.

Administrator Tags are best used for sensitive data such as pay band, succession, and performance. Employee Tags are best used for common information that anyone might benefit from knowing, such as interests, clubs, hobbies, and so on.

Learn how to add or edit tag categories and tags:

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