Bulk People Actions

Assign a New Manager to Multiple People

You may want to update the manager for a team in various scenarios such as:

  • when the old manager has left
  • when the old manager is temporarily away and inactive in the system
  • or when the reporting structure has changed in your organization

You can now quickly do so within the application by utilizing the bulk Assign Manager feature as described below:

  1. Go to People
  1. Click the check-boxes for selecting the users you'd like to assign a manager to.
  1. Click on the three dot menu and select Assign Manager.
  1. You will see a list of all the active users who can become managers for the selected employees. Enter the name of the new manager or choose from the drop-down list.
  1. After selecting the new manager, review the changes before confirming.

All the users that are impacted will be presented in the dialogue box. Reviews will be affected if they haven't been Submitted already by the old manager.

You can choose to either transfer the review information entered by the previous manager or discard it permanently so the new manager can start fresh.

  1. Select the appropriate option and hit Confirm Changes.



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