Import People

Import people feature allows administrators to import people data via an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. It's suggested to create an exported spreadsheet as the first step to bulk importing new people, as this exported file will have the required structure and columns that need to be filled out.
  1. Open the downloaded Excel spreadsheet and replace the existing user information with the users you’d like to upload.


  • Be careful not to modify the column headings or add any further columns.
  • To upload a user to report to Top of Tree simply leave the manager email field empty.
  • Start date must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • Employees cannot be deleted using People Import, please use UI and follow the instructions here.
  • Roles and Tags need to exist in the system before uploading the spreadsheet.
  • Roles and Tags must also be formatted exactly as it is in the system in order for the upload to match the Roles and Tags from the spreadsheet to the system.


Please Note:

Employees' active/inactive Status, Email addresses, Roles and Managers cannot be changed via the People Import. This is to ensure that admins are notified of the impact of these changes on reviews and are able to make informed decisions.
  1. Save the modified Excel spreadsheet and return to the People page.
  1. Click Import People button. A dialog box will open asking you to identify the Excel file you’d like to import.
  1. Select the file and click Open.
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