Mark a User Inactive (Leaves of Absence)

You may need to make employees inactive in scenarios such as when they are away on a long-term leave, or they have left the organization but may come back so you want to retain their historical review data.

There could be more circumstances where it's beneficial to mark one or more of your users simply inactive than deleting them from the system. Please see below the key points and how you can make someone inactive in PiiQ.

Key concepts:

  • Inactive users are disabled from logging-in to the system.
  • Only active users participate in the review cycles (There is an additional column in Performance Reports to show the active/inactive status of employees).
  • Inactive users don't show up on manager's widgets (e.g. Team goal setting, Team review).
  • Historical data associated with the inactive employee is retained.
  • Active/inactive status cannot be changed via the People Import.

Inactive Vs Delete

If you mark someone inactive, their historical data is not lost and they can still log in to PiiQ and access their reviews once they are made active again. On the other hand, deletion is permanent. Once you have deleted someone from the system, all the data associated with them is lost and cannot be recovered again.
  1. Go to People.
  1. Click the person you'd like to make inactive, the People Editor will be expanded.
  1. Turn off the toggle "Active" and then hit Confirm. The user will then be marked "Inactive".



A manager cannot be marked inactive if he/she has at least one active or inactive direct report. This is to preserve data integrity. If it's necessary to inactivate a manager, we recommend moving their reports to the next level manager and moving the current manager to report to Top of Tree or an alternate HR account.
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