Exporting Employee Data Before Deletion

When an employee leaves your organization, it may be necessary to extract their personal information related to performance and learning before they are deleted.

Key concepts:

  • Deletion is permanent and irrevocable.
  • All personal identifying information about a user is removed or anonymized immediately at the time of deletion. This includes any learning transcripts and assignments.
  • Prior to deletion, all employee data is retrievable by the Administrator via  People Management, Admin Mimic, and Reporting.

Deletion is Permanent!

Yes, we did just say that above, but we want to make sure you know that this will permanently remove user data from your portal. To see exactly what is removed and/or anonymized upon deletion, please refer to the tables within the GDPR help article.

Extracting People Information

To retrieve the information related to the user's profile, including name, email, start date, and tags, use the People Export feature to extract an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Go to People.
  1. Click the Export People button to retrieve an Excel spreadsheet of your current people data.
  1. From the extracted report, find the user's data to save for your records.

Extracting Performance Data

There are three methods for extracting an employee's performance-related information: reporting, Analytics (9-Box), and Admin Mimic. Below in further information on each of these options.


Reporting is typically used to extract data for groups of employees, either within a team or the organization as a whole, but it's still a quick and convenient way to back up performance data. Please bear in mind that reports do not contain certain elements of the performance review form, such as sub-competency scores, sub-competency comments, 360 Feedback, and Overall Comments. To access that information, use the Analytics or Admin Mimic options to print the full review form.

Use the directions in these help articles to pull the performance data you need:

Analytics (9-Box) or Admin Mimic

The Analytics 9-Box Grid allows managers access to the performance reviews of their direct and indirect reports, while granting administrators access to the entire organization. Through the 9-Box Grid, completed and in-progress manager reviews can be printed directly without having to log in as the employee or manager through Admin Mimic. If the self-review has also been submitted, that data will be visible on the printed review form, as well.

To access 9-Box Analytics, use the left side Navigation bar > Insights > 9-Box. Check out the 9-Box Insights article for information on how to navigate this feature.

Alternatively, use Admin Mimic to log in directly as the employee's manager. Once logged in as the manager of the employee, head to My Team > My Team's Reviews to pull up their review form.

When you have found the review you are looking for, you can print it to PDF:

In the upper right corner, next to the Review Cycle Selector is the Print icon. Clicking the icon will automatically download a PDF to your web browser. If nothing happens after you click Print, make sure you do not have pop-up blockers preventing the download. 

To Print the employee's review along with the manager's review, be sure you have the checkbox Show Self Review checked before clicking Print. 


Extracting Learning Data

To retrieve the information related to the user's learning transcript, use Admin Mimic to log in as the employee and export their My Learning report (also known as the Transcript Report).

Once logged in as the user:

  1. Go to Me>My Learning.
  1. Click the Export button to retrieve an Excel spreadsheet of the user's transcript information.


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