Log in as Another User (Admin Mimic)

Via the left navigation, go to People> Select the Binoculars for whichever Active employee you would like to mimic

Admin Mimic is a feature that will help you troubleshoot issues your users are having in their accounts.

It allows you to temporarily login as any other user in PiiQ.

You can view and edit any information as that user, but your actions will be logged as having taken place during a mimic session.

This feature is available to all admins in your account and can be used to access any other user's account in your organization.

Admin Mimic Availability

Please note, Admin Mimic is not available in your demo organization or in ADP Integrated PiiQ accounts.

Learn how to use Admin Mimic by reading more below -


Begin An Admin Mimic Session

  1. Log in to PiiQ and click People in the navigation menu.
  1. Click on the Admin Mimic Icon on the row of the person you're attempting to mimic as.

Mimic Restrictions

You will not be able to mimic in as an inactive user or yourself. While in Mimic Mode, you will not be able to enter into another Mimic session from the mimicked user's account.
  1. Enter in your PiiQ password to verify your credentials before you begin the Mimic Session

Incorrect Password

Multiple incorrect password attempts will log you out from your account and will lock your account for 5 minutes.
  1. You will now see the dashboard of the user you have mimicked in as with a banner at the top of your screen to remind you that you are currently in a Mimic Session.

This banner will also include the email address of the user you have Mimicked in as.


Exit an Admin Mimic Session

  1. To safely exit your mimic session, click on the Exit Mimic Mode button on the black banner at the top of your page
  1. Once you have done so, you will end your mimic session and be taken back to the people management screen in your account.
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