Don't Forget the Welcome Email!
Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Email Notifications
The Welcome Email is an automatic notification sent to a new user when their account is created in PiiQ, letting them know that they now have an account and that they will need to set an initial password. This is the easiest way to automate an employee's first login. If Email Notifications are not enabled when an employee is added to PiiQ, they won't ever receive the automated email. Turning on the email after the fact won't cause it to be sent retroactively.
If you would prefer to notify your organization manually, here is the copy for our Welcome Email:
The Join Now button will be a unique URL to allow them to set their password for the first time. If you are sending a version of this email to manually notify employees, the steps to set their password will be to:
  1. Navigate to Forgot Password? page.
  2. Input the email address you have for your PiiQ account (this is usually your organization email).
  3. Click Send Reset Link.

They'll receive an email with a reset token that can be used to set up their password. If they ever need help in the future logging in, they will follow these same steps to set a new password.

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