Add People

Have a new hire? Is it time to get the rest of your team uploaded to PiiQ? Add a new person to your portal in 3 easy steps! If you want to add more than one user at a time, take a look at how to Import People.


  1. From your Dashboard, go to People, then click Add Person.

  1. Fill in the required fields.
  • First NameLast Name, and Email Address are all required fields to save a record. Email address needs to be unique.
  • A manager is required to establish the organization hierarchy and determine who can assign and track courses for subordinates both direct and indirect.
  • Start typing to search for a manager’s name. You'll only be able to select people that already exist in PiiQ, so make sure you've uploaded or created the manager before trying to add them to another employee's record.
  • If the employee has no manager, they can be designated "Top of Tree."
  1. Fill out any other fields that are relevant to the employee.
  • Phone number
  • Employee ID
  • Start date
  • Title. This is different from the Role, and is used to capture Business Title. Title field is a free text field, but if you enter a letter, you will be given a choice of titles.
  • Tags. If you start typing you will get a list of possible tags to select. You can assign one Admin tag for each Admin tag category to a user, and you can assign multiple User tags for each User tag category. Before you can assign a tag, you will need to create it on the Tags page.
  1. Click Confirm icon.
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