Delete People

When employees leave the organization, you may want to delete their profile from PiiQ. Deletion is easy, but keep in mind it is permanent and irrevocable.

Key concepts:

  • Deleted users are disabled from logging-in to the system.
  • All the data (including historical review data) associated with the deleted profile will not be retained.
  • Deleted users will also be removed from the Reports and Analytics.

Deletion and Anonymization:

At the point of deletion, data will either be deleted or anonymized depending on the user's role and the data type. Please see the below table for specific information on what will be retained.

  • Anonymization - The name is obfuscated into random alphanumeric text and the user photo is removed to prevent personal identification.
  • Deletion - All relevant data is removed permanently from the database.



Learning Assignment Deletions

Learning assignments made by a manager will become self-registered if that manager is deleted. This removes the due date from the assignment, as well.

Admin Learning Assignments

For purposes of GDPR Anonymization and Deletion, learning assignments originating from administrators are considered the same as manager assignments. If an Admin is deleted from the system, users who were assigned learning by them will have the learning become self-registered.


Best Practice: Take a back-up before deleting

As you hard-delete a user, it is recommended to save a copy of their historical reviews and other details prior to removing them. Review the steps to export employee data before deletion.
  1. Go to People.
  1. Click the person you'd like to delete, the People Editor will be expanded. Click on the trash icon as indicated below.
  1. Deletion is irreversible. Please read the message carefully. Type "I Confirm" in the textbox and then hit Delete Person. The user will then be removed from the system.

Please note that you may also mark People Inactive if you want to retain their history.


Inactive Vs Delete

If you mark someone inactive, their historical data is not lost and they can still login to PiiQ and access their reviews once they are made active again. On the other hand, deletion is permanent. Once you have deleted someone from the system, all the data associated with them is lost and cannot be recovered again.
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