Customize Your Brand

Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Brand

Make PiiQ feel like home to your teams. We've provided you with the ability to update the logo, color scheme, and banner displayed on the home page.


To get started, navigate to Settings > Brand 

  1. Click on "Logo" to update your organization logo. We'll show a default set of images based on the organization name set up in your company settings. You can select your own by clicking the "Add your own" option to upload an image from your computer.

  2. Click on "Color" to select a color scheme from our available palette.

  3. Click on "Background" to update your application's background image. Similar to the Logo, we'll show some default images based on your organization's location. Use "Add your own" to upload your own custom image.

  4. Don't forget to "Save"!

Background Banner Formatting

The background banner image will be resized to fit the header graphic where your name and photo (if uploaded) display. The dimensions of the banner are 1200x277px. The lower 157px is covered by the quote and quick links section. The recommended way to create a banner is to create an image 1200x120px and add a vertical padding of 157px to the bottom to size it perfectly in the banner.

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