Customize Goals & Competencies for Future Review Cycles

The Content Library contains the Goals and Competencies downloaded in your portal based on your selected Performance Template.

We also call it "Global Content Library" as this is where you can create new goals/competencies, edit existing goals/competencies, attach Roles to the goals/competencies for all your future review rounds.

What are Goals and Competencies?

Goals are the objectives that help managers set clear expectations and evaluate "what" the employee accomplished as part of the performance review. Goals aren't necessarily something that is already expected as part of the job. For example, creating a weekly report and sending it out in a timely manner might be an expected part of a job, but it's not a Goal.

Competencies are often defined as behaviors we demonstrate while performing our jobs using skills, knowledge and experiences we've acquired. For example, Teamwork is a competency.

What's the main difference between goals and sub-goals?

A goal sets expectations of "what" the employee has to accomplish for a specific task domain (eg "Customer Satisfaction").
Each goal can be linked to one or more sub-goals (eg "Have monthly meetings with customers") that provide specific dimensions that can be rated / evaluated to provide an indication how the overall of the goal has been achieved.

Is there a limit to how many goals and competencies can be assigned to employees?

There is no limit on the number of overarching goals and competencies that can be assigned to employees.

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