Add a goal with subgoal

Goals and Sub-goals

Each goal category must contain at least one sub-goal. The high-level business goals (e.g. categories) are referred to as "Goals", whereas SMART goals are referred to as "Sub-goals"

In Goal Setting, managers and/or employees can only make changes to sub-goals.

Add Goal

  1. Go to Performance, then click Customize Goals & Competencies.
  1. Click Create Goal.
  1. Enter Goal Title. A goal can be used for organizational goals or grouping of individual performance goals.
  1. Enter Description.
  1. Click Add Roles, start typing role name, then select one from the drop-down list.

Add Subgoal

A minimum of one subgoal is required for each goal.

Managers and employees can only make changes to subgoals. They cannot modify or delete the high level category referred to as the goal.

  1. Click Create Subgoal.
  1. Enter Subgoal Title. Subgoals are used for individual performance goals. Managers and employees can modify the subgoals including their title, description, weight etc.
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