Configure Rating Scales

Rating scales are used to measure performance against goals and competencies.

  1. Go to Performance, then click Configure Rating & Scores.
  1. Go to Goals or Competencies section, where you can configure the rating sliders for goals, subgoals and competencies.
  1. Click drop-down and select the number of rating markers. This determines how many rating scales will be there on the rating slider.
  1. Configure rating pin, snap to marker.
  1. Enter your rating slider labels.
  1. Click Save.

Rating sliders for Questions under Competency:

Sometimes, not all the Questions can be rated on a single scale, and you may want to have different wording/labels on different Questions.

The rating slider configured for the Competencies here will be displayed at the Competency category level. For each of the Question under the Competency, you have the flexibility to define a customized rating slider by inputting Answers that fit well. Based on the ratings on each of the Question, users will finally be placed on the master scale as chosen above under Ratings section.

Learn how to add Answers to a Question which will become the rating markers for that Question.

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