Customize display of overall score

The overall score value can be displayed with label only or score only. By default, both the score value and the corresponding label will be displayed.

Overall score display with label only

Overall score display with label only

  1. Go to Performance, then click Configure Rating & Scores.
  1. Under Overall Score section, go to Display Overall Score Content.
  1. To display overall score label only in performance reviews, click on Label checkbox and ensure the Scorecheckbox is not checked.
  1. Alternatively, if you wish to display the overall score value only without any corresponding score label you may ensure only the Score option is checked. Or, if you wish to not display both the Label and Score on the Manager Reviews, un-check both boxes.

Please note that un-checking the options will also affect what is shown in the People List and Scores report. If admins want to see the scores and/or labels, you can temporarily check these options for the download and un-check them once you have completed the download.

  1. Click Save. The change in this overall score display configuration will be made available to all active reviews instantly.
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