Handling New Hires and Small Group Reviews

The natural flow of review cycles is to take all the great findings from Self and Manager reviews directly into the next review cycle's Goal Setting. With this continuous scheduling of review cycles, you have to find the right time to include your new hires. Beyond new hires, you also have to be able to manage groups of employees that may not fit into your standard review.

Lucky for you, there are a few options in PiiQ!

Reviews to Include Everyone

When you create a review cycle, all PiiQ users assigned a role and a manager are automatically included in the review cycle. PiiQ also defaults the choice to automatically include new employees in the review:


When you automatically include new employees, any time you add a user to PiiQ settings with a role and a manager, they will be added to the open review cycle. Therefore, all existing employees and new hires will live in the same review. 

If you want all of your reviews to always include your entire organization, regardless of when an employee was hired or any group qualifiers, the PiiQ defaults are the best route for you to go!

Note: If you do not automatically include new employees, you will have to manually add them to your review cycle by name. 

Reviews for Specific Groups

There are instances where a review cycle may not be relevant to everyone. As an admin, you may want to initiate reviews that do not involve all the employees in the organization. This allows you to track certain employees separately, and have multiple reviews open at a time. 

You can easily create reviews with individuals or a set of employees anytime before or during the cycle. The second step in creating(or editing) a review cycle is selecting participants. As I mentioned before, PiiQ defaults all valid users to be included in a review, so if you only want to include certain participants choose to remove all:


This gives you a blank slate to work from. Then, all you have to do is start typing and select the users you want to include:


You can continue to add as many users as you need, and a summary list of employees added to the review will start to build below:


If you accidentally add a user to a review cycle, just select the X to the far right and they will be removed. 

If you ever find yourself in need of breaking out certain employees from your standard review, or like the idea of tracking your new hires during a transitional period, creating a group-specific review is a great option. 

 Note: Once an employee is added to a review, their goals and competencies are locked in for the remainder of the review.  

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