Mid-Cycle Actions

Version a review cycle

Once the review cycle is created, PiiQ will automatically version the reviews for you so to preserve data integrity and prevent historical data loss. This allows you to have multiple reviews open at one time while maintaining consistent data in each.

What can be changed mid-round

Open dates determine changes mid-round

Changes mid-round can only apply to the cycle if the cycle is still in progress. If the end dates have passed, then the cycle is considered a past/historical review round and no configuration updates will affect historical reviews for data integrity purposes.

What cannot be changed mid-round

  • User role assignments: If an employee’s Role is changed mid-round, the employee will be rated on the role they held at the start of the round. Subsequent review cycles will relate to the new role.
  • New role creation in the role library: Any new Roles created mid-cycle won't be recognized in the current round unless it is assigned to a newly created user who was not assigned a role previously.
  • Rating Slider configurations: Goals/Subgoals and Competencies will have the rating slider set in the Configure rating scales page.
  • Email notifications: System-generated emails will need to be turned on first as the emails will automatically send upon the dates set in the review cycle. To turn on emails, see Email Notifications
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