Demo Organization Overview

The demo organization allows administrators to explore all PiiQ features easily within a personal test porta that has been pre-loaded with detailed & realistic review data for a medium-sized company. Imagine watching another client over their shoulder to understand how they use PiiQ.

The demo organization offers a revolutionary new way to experience PiiQ, with no prerequisite to load data. Packed with best practice recommendation i.e. compact goal/competency framework for professional services, the demo organization is your personal place to test drive features and enhancements without any impact to your employees.

Check out some of the key features of the demo organization:

  • The demo organization acts as your personal sandbox. This is a pre-loaded environment to enable admins to test and explore PiiQ functionality.
  • Any changes or tests performed in demo organization don't affect your live production portal.
  • Access is limited to admins. If there are more than one admin in an org, they will have access to their individual demo organizations.
  • Some features are deactivated such as adding new users. This is to ensure integrity of the test data.
  • Admins will be in full control and can decide when to reset to the latest default data set. We recommend resetting your demo bi-weekly.
  • Any changes will be retained for 30 days following an automated reset.
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