Why are some features deactivated in the demo organization?

The demo organization is a fully configured portal that we've created to give administrators a chance to explore and experience PiiQ without affecting your own precious data. With that in mind, we allow you a great level of flexibility to make changes to the system including the content library's goals and competencies as well as testing Check-Ins, Analytics, and just about everything else!

We've built it as a safe test portal where any changes have no impact on your portal. This also means it's necessary for us to disable a few product features to keep you from exposing yourself to security risks. The following features are deactivated in your demo portal:

  • Adding new employees - We'd hate for you to create duplicate accounts in the demo environment and complicate matters for your real portal, so we don't allow user creation when in the demo. We've got 60 (almost) real people set up with at least 3 historical reviews already, so there's plenty for you to play around with!
  • Reminder emails i.e. goal setting email alerts - We know you'd never use the demo portal to send fake emails to people, but this has been disabled so as to avoid accidental delivery of emails no one can use. That would just be confusing.
  • Reset your password - Do this when not in the demo organization! 

Everybody loves a sandbox. Play nice!

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