Check-ins Insights

Via the left navigation, go to PiiQ Insights > Check-ins Insights.

Check-ins are a great way to keep the conversation going beyond the review cycle, so make sure to keep track of it! Open conversation between managers and direct reports helps employees in reaching their highest potential. Plus, I have never seen an HR manager upset at seeing their organization connecting with insights to prove it!

In order to help implement Check-ins, make sure to inform your organization about the importance of these conversations with an announcement.

You can also review How to filter Check-ins data with Tags.

Check out your Check-ins data

1. From the side navigation bar, select PiiQ Insights > Check-ins Insights.

*Check-ins Insights widget will be located under the Admin Tasks section of the Dashboard

2. Take a peek into all Check-ins that are happening in your organization:


Choose how you want to sort your data by clicking a column:

a. Employee Name
b. Manager Name
c. Number of Open Check-ins
d. Next Check-in date
e. Day since the last Check-in

3. Dig a little deeper by clicking into any of the check-ins:


A side panel with the user's Check-ins will become available

4. Select any conversation from the check-ins list to see all public notes:


A mimic of the user's Check-in page will become available

Utilizing the data to foster 1:1s in your organization

Scheduled review cycles are a great starting point for developing employees, but why not make it better? It can be hard to rate an employee on a goal set a year ago, or even just a couple of months ago. Check-ins help guide employees overtime to reach those goals and they provide great documentation along the way! Every organization wants more engaged and satisfied employees, so let check-ins help you get there.

It is time to initiate the culture shift toward continuous conversations in your organization, but don't worry, we have some tips to introduce Check-ins in your organization:

  • Refer the Check-ins eBook to understand the benefits.
  • Don't keep them a secret, talk with your users about the advantages of scheduling regular conversations between managers are direct reports, and show them how!
  • We are always here to help, so we made a few Sample Templates to help users create meaningful Check-ins.
  • Don't forget to make an announcement about the importance of using Check-ins!
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