Scheduling and Completing Check-ins

Don't Procrastinate, Plan Your Check-in!

Check-ins keep you connected as a team and up-to-date on everything team projects and tasks. Whether you are a manager providing feedback to help employees perform at their best; or an employee looking for more responsibility, the solution is the same: Check-ins! It's a win/win situation.


  1. Go to My Team, then click My Team Check-ins (Managers)

    Go to Me, then click My Check-ins (Employees)


  1. Any Check-ins currently in Progress or marked Completed will appear here.


Ready, Set, Schedule!

Check-ins are a two-way street, so you will also see any check-ins you have scheduled, as well as your team. The goal is to remain transparent and keep everyone on the same page!



  1. Click on the Schedule Check-in button to spark a new conversation thread! The screen below will appear:
  1. Fill in the details below and then click Create. Check-ins might be new to you, so let's walk through the setups:

    • Title: Keep it simple for when you can filter/search for check-ins by titles moving forward. It could be "Weekly 1:1", "Career Development" etc.
    • Participants: Add anyone you want to have this check-in with.
      Managers: can schedule check-ins with all of their direct reports
      Employees: can schedule check-ins with their manager
    • Date of Check-in: Schedule a date when you want to engage in the conversation.
    • Topics: Add specific topics to discuss during the conversation.
      Performance Check-ins: Status of short-term goals and long-term projects, Performance feedback, etc.
      Development Check-in: Career goals, Development needs, etc.
    • Notification Email: Don't leave room for missed opportunity, notify participants! Mark the check-box to send a notification email including the scheduled date and a link to View Check-in.



Capture conversations real-time


Check-in conversations are managed through the Notes tool. Notes are made in real-time, just don't forget to add it! As soon as a note is added, all participants can see it; but don't worry, you can edit or delete a note if you need.

Check-ins are essentially a never-ending conversation, but Notes provide a space to record that:

  • keep a track of progress
  • identify any obstacles
  • share constructive feedback
  • collect evidence for the formal performance review process
  • record personal thoughts/information as "Private" 


There is not a system notification when a note is added, the idea is to be regularly involved. So don't forget to check-in on your Check-ins!


Record Confidential Information


Sometimes you need a space to just collect your own thoughts, and we won't stop you! Instead, we give you Private Notes! This feature allows users to document their personal information or opinions they don't want to share immediately. For example:

  • You're considering an employee for a promotion.
  • You need a space for a rough draft and allow for a chance to reflect and clean them up before making them public.
  • You may want to record personal thoughts in preparation for a meeting.

Private notes make Check-ins even more useful for documenting the ongoing conversation and collecting even richer evidence to support the performance process. It is hard enough to remember the full detail of a conversation without trying to remember exactly what you were thinking too! PiiQ helps you track it all.

To add a private note:

  1. Toggle "Make note private" on in your conversation
  2. Write your note and click "Add Note"  to make it only be visible to you.


You can always update a note between private and public by using the "eye" icon below.



Private notes are just that, completely private! Even administrators, who can mimic as other users to access all information for training and troubleshooting purposes, cannot view a private note. Admins can see there is a private note, but can't access the actual content. PiiQ has your back, privacy is important! Private notes can't be accessed without the users' permission.




To add a file attachment:

  1. Click on the paperclip “Attach File” button beneath the Add Note box.
  2. Select the file you'd like to upload.

Click the paperclip icon to select your file for upload.

Once the upload finishes, the file will be attached to your Check-in with a timestamp to indicate when it was added. If necessary, the user who uploaded the file will be able to delete it.


The user who uploaded the file has access to delete it via the trashcan icon.

Supported formats

Currently supported extensions: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .webm, .mp3, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .csv, .doc, .docm, .docx, .ods, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx

Maximum file size is 1GB.


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