Requesting and Reviewing 360 Feedback for Managers

Via the left navigation, go to My Team> My Team's 360 Feedback

 It is hard to be involved in every task assigned to everyone on your team, which is why we are here to help you rely on peer feedback. 360 Feedback allows you, as a direct manager, to request feedback from anyone in the organization including peers, managers, and direct reports. 

Request 360 Feedback

You can invite anyone at any level in your organization in PiiQ to provide feedback on your team members. Feedback requests can be sent multiple times to the same person during one review cycle.

  1. Click My Team > My Team's 360 Feedback 

  2. Select Request Feedback to initiate a new requestmceclip2.png
    Historical 360 Requests will populate below with time stamps

  3. Select the team member to review from the People Selectormceclip0.png

  4. Type and select all Internal Respondents (can include multiple), update Feedback Questions (created by your Admin) and your Message as needed, and Request Feedbackmceclip3.png
  5. View the additional users invited to provide 360 Feedback with the Requested status

Note: 360 Feedback requests cannot be deleted once sent

Review 360 Feedback

Feedback solicited by managers is visible to the direct manager, indirect manager, and any system admins. The feedback is not visible to the employee being reviewed. 

To Review as the direct Manager:

  1. Click My Team > My Team's 360 Feedback.
  2. Select the reviewed team member from the People Selectormceclip0.png
  3. Click into the peer review you would like to readmceclip7.png

To review as an indirect Manager or Admin:

  1. Click Insights> 9-Box

  2. Search for the reviewed employee in the Extended Team or Organization view, and select their icon

  3. When the Employee Profile expands, select View Review

  4. Select the 360 Review tab to see all feedback in the selected review cycle

Print 360 Feedback

You use PiiQ, so you are already doing a great job of going paperless! However, sometimes a hard copy is required and 360 Feedback can be printed on those occasions.

  1. Go to the 360 Feedback tab on the employee's Review accessed from the 9-Box
  2. Select the Printer icon
  3. Choose to Print or Save as PDF to your computer

Note: You must access the 360 Feedback from the 9-Box insights, detailed above. 


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