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You have done so much to get where you are; you chose PiiQ, you went through all the setups, you have rolled it out to your organization. Take ownership in all that you have done! Use the Completion Progress Report to ensure active users, managing to review process effectively and increasing completion. The report details completion metrics for goal setting, self-review, manager review, and 360 feedback. 


Report visibility is determined by your active Cycle View:

  • Managers with the My Team Cycle View will generate a report for their direct and indirect reports.
  • Administrators with the Company Cycle View will generate a report for the entire organization.
    1. Use the Cycle Selector to select the review cycle you wish to report on.

    1. From the Review Insights dashboard, click Download under the Self Review or Manager Review widgets. Both options will retrieve the same report.
  1. Select Download Progress to download the Completion Progress Report
  1. Click Download 

Here is a breakdown of what you will find:

  • Goal setting completion status: Whether the goals have been Confirmed or Not Confirmed by the manager.
  • Self review progress and manager review progress from 0 to 100%
  • Self-review and manager review signed off dates
  • 360 Feedback Request: The number of feedback requests sent by the manager about the employee
  • 360 Feedback Completed - The number of feedback requests that have been completed about that employee
  • 360 Feedback Response Rate - The percent response rate of feedback requests completed versus requested
  • User's other details such as role, title, manager name etc.

Don't Forget...

  • "Not Confirmed" in the Goal Setting Completion Status column implies that the goals still need to be approved and thus may not be available on the reviews.
  • "N/A" in the 360 Feedback Request or the 360 Feedback Completed columns means there haven't been any 360 requests sent out for this employee.
  • Managers can use 360 metrics to track how many requests have been completed about their subordinates.
  • Administrators can use completion metrics to monitor the review progress and remind the employees of their pending activities.
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