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Your organization has invested their time into PiiQ (yay!), so let's make sure you get the most of it. You chose PiiQ to be able to manage performance, and part of that. The Detailed Scores Report lists the individual ratings for each goal and competency. The report can show the employee's self-rated score, or the manager's score, depending on how you run it. Admins and managers can now verify ratings, identify performance trends, and provide further analysis with this report!



Report visibility is determined by your active Cycle View:

  • Managers with the My Team Cycle View will generate a report for their direct and indirect reports.
  • Administrators with the Company Cycle View will generate a report for the entire organization.

1. Use the Cycle Selector to select the review cycle you wish to report on.


2. Click Download in the Self Review or Manager Review widgets. Using Self Review will provide detailed scores for the employee's review of themselves. Using Manager Review will provide detailed scores for the manager's review of the employee.

3. Select Download Detailed Scores to download the Detailed Score Report.


4. Review the data.


Here is a breakdown of what you will find:

  • Heading: Title of the Goal or Competency category
  • Goal Score: Score achieved for this goal category after rating on its associated sub-goals
  • Competency Score: Score achieved for this competency category after rating on its associated Questions
  • Normalized Score: Normalized value of the score on the standard scale of 0-5
  • User's other details such as role, title, manager name etc.

Don't forget...

  • Scores are shown in the original rating scale as configured in the Rating scale settings.
  • Scores are only shown if sub-elements are rated. When Partial Submit is turned off, scores will be shown if all the sub-elements are rated. For example, a goal score requires that all linked sub-goals have been rated. This ensures consistency and valid results.
  • The normalized value of scores on a fixed scale of 0-5 allows an easy combination of goal and competency scores, for example, to generate a custom summary rating.
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