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It is impossible to remember every goal you've set for every employee, so don't! That is what the Goal Details Report is for. The report provides all individual goals set for each employee including sub-goals and weighting. Depending on what you'd like to review, you can choose to see comments entered by the manager or by the employee. This report is great in helping administrators and managers track the review process to ensure a high engagement and completion rate. 

Sounds great, right? Let's run it!


Report visibility is determined by your active Cycle View:

  • Managers with the My Team Cycle View will generate a report for their direct and indirect reports.
  • Administrators with the Company Cycle View will generate a report for the entire organization.
  1. Use the Cycle Selector to select the review cycle you wish to report on.

  1. Go to the main Dashboard, then click Download in the Goal setting widget.
  1. Click Download Goal Details.


  1. Review the data.

Here is a breakdown of what you will find:

  • Goal Heading: Title of the Goal category
  • Heading and Description of the sub-goals linked to a goal category
  • Score entered for a sub-goal
  • Weight in percentage for that sub-goal
  • Sub-goal Comments
  • User's other details such as role, title, manager name etc.

Don't Forget...

  • The score is shown in the original rating scale as configured in the Rating scale settings.
  • Weights are translated from bullets to a percentage to make aggregation easy.
  • Sub-goal weights for a particular goal category sum up to 100%
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