Add a competency with question and textbox

Add Competency

  1. Go to Performance, then click Customize Goals & Competencies.
  1. Click Create Competency.
  1. Enter Competency Title.
  1. Enter Description.
  1. Click Add Roles, start typing role name, then select one from drop-down list.

Add Question

  1. Click Create Question.
  1. Enter Question. Questions are used for evaluating individual competencies. Managers or employees can not modify this.
  1. Enter Answers with the lowest ranking to the highest ranking, press enter to complete an Answer. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 answers are required for each competency question. Answers will appear under each rating scales on the rating slider.
  1. Click Confirm icon.

Add TextBox

  1. Create TextBox Title. A common use of TextBox is to capture "Comments and Evidence" for the competency.
  1. Enter Default Text.
  1. Click Confirm icon.
  1. Click Save.

Competencies are only Admin-driven

Managers and employees cannot modify or add new competencies. Upon starting a review, the competencies will be pushed to the users' review forms automatically.

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