Edit a goal with subgoal
  1. Using the left Navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Goals & Competencies.
  1. Next to the Goal you'd like to edit, click Edit icon.
  1. Next to the Subgoal you'd like to edit, click Edit icon.
  1. Edit the required fields.
  1. Click Confirm icon.
  2. Click Save.

Goal Weightings

All the high level Goal categories are weighed equally against each other. However, different weights can be set up at the subgoal level:

There are two ways to think about the subgoal weights:

  1. Subgoal weights represent a ratio. So the ratio/percentage of one of the goals will be that goal's circles divided by the total amount of circles. For example, there is one at 4 circles, one at 3 circles, one at 2 circles, and one weighted at 1 circle. The total/denominator would then be 10. The first goal weighted at 4 circles will then be 4/10 so 40%, the one at 3 circles will be 3/10 so ~30% etc.

  2. Another way to conceptualize the ratio would be by level of importance. The bubbles go from left to right “less important” to “more important”
    If sub goal A has one bubble filled in, and sub goal B has two bubbles, sub goal B is twice as important as sub goal A.

Changes made in the content library will have impact only on the future review rounds.

If you are looking to make changes to a review that has started, please refer Content Library Live Updates.

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