Adjust weighting of scores

Before calculating the score, you need to select the preferred weighting percentage of the goal and competency score.

  1. Go to Performance, then click Configure Rating & Scores.
  1. Go to Overall Score section.
  1. Either drag-and-drop on the slider to adjust the weighting scale, or enter a number directly into the weighting field.

By default, the overall score is set to 50% goal score + 50% competency score, which means 50% of the goal score and 50% of the competency score will contribute to the calculation of overall score.

  1. Click Save.

How do I configure Overall Score if our company conducts a competency-only review?

If you conduct competency-only reviews in your organization, you can set goal score to be 0% and competency score to be 100%. Thus, the overall score will be equivalent to competency score.

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