Configuring 360 Feedback for Admin

Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> 360 Feedback

It is hard for managers to be involved in everything their team is working on. The team is there to support the workload, and allowing employees to have ownership over projects is a great thing! As an admin, you can help support that with 360 Feedback. 

Managers might not be involved in the day-to-day of all employees, but there is likely someone in the organization who can help fill in the blanks. 360 Feedback allows managers to request feedback from anyone in the organization including peers, managers, and direct reports.

How to Create your 360 Feedback Template

Once again, as admin, you have the ability to drive PiiQ processes within your organization. To access your 360 Feedback template, go to Settings> Performance Settings> 360 Feedback

Our goal is to get you up and running without too many steps, so the 360 Feedback template will be pre-populated with our default questions: 


Feel free to use these questions, build from them, or completely start fresh based on your organization's needs! Just type and hit enter to add a question or the 'X' to remove a question, the page will auto-save after you are done making edits. 

How to Include 360 Feedback on Reviews

Step one, creating a template, is complete! Now you have to enable 360 Feedback on your review cycles to allow managers to utilize it. 360 Feedback is another stage of your review cycle and can be turned on when the cycle is created or mid-cycle. 

To turn 360 Feedback on, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles

  1. Create Cycle or Edit your existing review cycle
  2. Continue to Milestones, Settings, and Summary (Step 3)
  3. Toggle the Include option on 360 Feedback on (defaulted as off):
  4. Once included, select Edit to choose dates 360 Feedback will be available and Save:
  5. Complete remaining review cycle settings and Create Review Cycle

Note: Once 360 Feedback is turned on, it will remain on for the remainder of the cycle.

How to Request and Review 360 Feedback

Managers can easily request and review feedback on their direct reports from the lefthand navigator by selecting My Team> My Team's 360 Feedback. Go to our 360 Feedback article for Managers to learn the full process! This also outlines how indirect Managers and Admin can access 360 Feedback :) 




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