Performance Review Checklist- Pre-launch

Scheduling and configuring a review are the final steps in setting up a Performance Review in PiiQ. The configurations done in the previous steps determine how your review forms will look like. So, before you schedule a review and launch it for your employees, it's highly recommended to go through the checklist below:


Performance Review Checklist

  1. Roles : Make sure all the roles you would like to have during the review cycle are created.
  2. Content Library : Make sure goals and competencies are in place, and roles are assigned to these goals and competencies.
  3. Rating Scale : Make sure to decide on the scale, labels, and whether rating pin should snap to marker as these cannot be changed after review cycle has been created.
  4. People Management : Make sure that users are updated to the role they should have review conducted in as roles cannot be changed after review has been created.

To get a better understanding of why you need to go through the checklist before creating a review cycle, check out these helpful resources:

Now that you have covered the above checklist, you are ready to launch a review. Learn the stages of a Performance Review and how to add a review cycle below:


Three stages in each round of Performance Review :

  • Goal Setting - Managers review and approve the Goals that will form the basis for rating their team. Competencies are already set by admins.
  • Self-Review - Employees rate themselves on the Goals and Competencies defined by their managers and admins.
  • 360 Feedback (optional) - Managers solicit 360 feedback on their employees from people inside the organization.
  • Manager Review - Managers rate their team and have the ability to see the ratings and comments that were submitted by employees during the self-review process.

Now, let's Create a Review Cycle!

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