Create a Review Cycle

Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles> Create Cycle

We're about to create a review cycle! Step-by-step instruction is listed below, outlining exactly how to create your review, but first, take a look at this short video. This will give you a visual of how the review is built all in one flow before you make your own in your portal.


It’s time to set a review cycle! There are three steps to the setup process: date selectionparticipant confirmation, and milestone configuration. Each is separated out to give you a better picture of the review you're creating and ensure that you have the visibility you need to avoid time-consuming mistakes or confusion. 


  1. To create a review cycle, you can use the quick links on the dashboard or the side-navigation to create a new cycle.
  1. Once you click to set up a new review cycle, you will be brought to the Review Cycle step-by-step setup page. You will start with naming your review cycle and inputting start and end dates. We will suggest a timeline for you as well, but they are editable!
 3. Once you fill in those fields, hit next!
  1. The next step brings you to select the employees you would like to participate in the review. By default, all employees with a role and a manager are assigned to the review cycle. You can remove who you would like by clicking on the 'X' to the right of their name. You can even choose to automatically include new employees to the review!
  1. In the final step, you will be brought to the Milestones, Settings, and Summary page. Here you will see a chart of the upcoming review cycle you have created, complete with start and end dates. Use the Edit button to change dates and control access to the review (as indicated by the padlock that will be open for unlocked and closed for locked). Remember that locked review steps cannot be changed by employees or managers. You can also see the employees who are included in the review and add or remove people before the cycle has been officially created!

Please Note: Goal Setting dates can be any time in the past, current, or future. However, Goal Setting must start at least one day before the Self-Review, 360 Feedback, and Manager Review starts.

  1. Need to review the goals and competencies assigned to your employees? Well, you’re in luck! Here, it is recommended to review those that are aligned with each employee in the review, by clicking into the assigned goals and competencies for each employee to ensure no changes need to be made.


  1. Finally, you will see “Advanced Review Settings”. This is where you have the ability to allow employee goal setting and/or allow managers and employees to submit partially completed reviews.

Employee Goal Setting

This allows employees the ability to contribute to their goals. Use the toggle to allow or disallow this function.




  1. You can now hit “Create Review Cycle”, and you’re all set! That was painless!

Partial Submit

Partial Submit is an open approach to allow managers and employees to submit a partially completed review.

  • It allows the "Unrated " as a rating option and helps to increase the completion rate of the performance review. If the goal categories or competencies defined by admins are not applicable to all employees with the same role, users can now leave it unrated and submit the review when it's ready.
  • It offers an interim solution to help managers/employees to share ratings and comments anytime during the mid-round (you can use Check-ins for this, too). Users can un-submit the partial review to adjust ratings/comments.
  • If multiple reviews are setup (e.g. quarterly goals) in one open cycle, you can easily submit the quarterly goals and competencies. As a result, the overall score, reports, and analytics will be generated based on the partial reviews.

Happy Reviewing!


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