Edit a review cycle

Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles> Edit

1. Navigate to Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles


2. Next to the Review Cycle you'd like to edit, click Edit.

3. Edit any necessary fields and click Update Review Cycle to process your changes.

Note that you can edit all three steps of the review cycle creation process, including the cycle name, its participants, and advanced review settings such as Employee Goal Setting and Partial Submit. Click the headers of the steps to switch between them.

Can I change dates for the scheduled review?

There are no implications of changing the dates - administrators are free to change the dates as needed.

Dates determine the system generated email notification sent out to users, whereas locking/unlocking controls whether the data can be modified or not.

A new email with the updated date will be sent out if the start dates have been changed to the future and the email notifications are turned on. If you do not want new emails to be sent for any reason, turn off the email notifications before changing the dates.

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