Close a review cycle
Via the left navigation, go to Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles 
You've hit the end of your review cycle (yay!), and now you are wondering what the next steps are. We want to make sure you can preserve all that valuable information you just collected, so in order to prevent users from changing any information on past reviews, we recommend locking the different sub-cycles of the review cycle. This way, any input from managers and employees alike, will remain true and accurate to the considerations at the time!

Locking a review cycle

Locking a review's sub-cycles is PiiQ's way of "Archiving" the review. When you are ready to close a review, just lock all the sub-cycles of that review to make the review read-only. Don't worry, this decision does not have to be final, you can lock and unlock the sub-cycles as many times as you wish.

Here is how to lock and unlock the sub-cycles:

  1. Navigate to the Review Cycle from Settings > Performance Settings > Review Cycles: 

  2. Click the Edit button on the Review Cycle you wish to update:


  3. Click Edit next to the sub-cycle which needs altering:


  4. Check the Locked tickbox as needed: 

  5. Save each altered section, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Review Cycle:



Review Cycle Status

PiiQ only has three labels for the review cycles: "Draft, "Not Started" or "Started". This is determined by whether or not the Goal Setting start date has passed.

  • Draft - You are currently setting up the Review Cycle, and have not finished finalizing it.
  • Not Started - The Review Cycle is finalized, but you are outside of the Goal Setting dates
  • Started - The review cycle is started, and it is past the Goal Setting dates

Note: Once the review cycle has "Started", this status will remain even after admins have locked sub-cycles to close the review cycle. 


Other Considerations

  • For an end-user, there is no obvious way to tell if a sub-cycle has been locked. If the rating sliders in the Manager or Self-review do not move, it is more than likely that the particular sub-cycle is locked.
  • Only migrated 1.0 clients may have the status "Archived" on the review cycles. "Archived" will be labeled for any review cycles that were migrated over from the previous version.


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