Updating Content for a Live Review Cycle

As an administrator, you may want to make updates to the below when the review cycle has started:

  • Goals and default subgoals
  • Competencies, questions, and text boxes

Please note

All updates made in the content library mid-cycle will have impacts on Goal Setting and Performance Reviews which are in progress.

Adding Goals and Competencies Mid-cycle

To access the Review Cycle Content Library, use the left Navigation, and click Settings> Performance Settings> Review Cycles. From here, find the review cycle you are working in and click on the Content button.

2. Review Cycle Content Library

Review Cycle Content Library vs. Performance Framework Content Library

If the review cycle has not started, changes should be made to the Performance Framework Content Library. The Content button is not available in Scheduling for future cycles.

Review Cycle Content Library is used for making updates to the content library once the review cycle has already started, i.e. Goal Setting, Self-review and/or Manager Review is in progress.

Please note: If there are changes to the content library you wish to make available for future review cycles, please ensure the updates you have made in Review Cycle Content Library are also made in the Performance Framework Content Library.


3. Making Updates in Review Cycle Content Library

Review Cycle Content Library updates are always automatically saved but will not be pushed to reviews and goal settings until "APPLY" is clicked.

It is important to note the relevant impacts of each type of update to Content Library made through mid-cycle. For more details please refer to the article below.

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