Manager Change During an Open Review

Change of managers during an open round will have varying effects upon the manager's review, depending on whether or not the review was submitted by the previous manager.

If the previous manager did submit their review of the employee:

  • The new manager will see all of the review information completed by the prior manager (including anything entered into the Overall Comments).
  • The review will be locked into a submitted status and cannot be edited by the new manager.

If the previous manager did not submit their review of the employee:

  • The administrator will decide whether to transfer the data to the new manager or not.
  • A confirmation box will appear when changing manager for a user in People section, notifying administrator of the review that the user is part of.
  • Admin can choose to either transfer rating scores and comments entered by the previous manager or discard them permanently.
  • The transferred rating scores and comments will be under the new manager's name and the new manager can add onto the existing information.

Change manager confirmation box

Please note that user's self review and any 360 feedback that has been requested or sent on the user will not be affected as part of changing managers.

If it is required to change manager for multiple users at once, please refer to Bulk Update People.

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