How do I access the demo organization?

To access the demo organization, please click on the user avatar in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, select Demo Organization to gain access.

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Trial customers can also access the demo organization through the direct link from the trial banner at the top of the page. The link is highlighted in blue in the image below.

Who can access the demo organizaton

The demo organization is designed to provide administrators a place to experience and test the PiiQ application, so we've limited access to anyone in your portal with administrative permissions.

Each admin will get their own demo organization. If a company has two HR admins, both individuals will have access to their production system as well as their own individual demo organization portal.

Employees and managers do not have access to the demo organization, but if you create new admins, they will get immediate access to their own personal demo organization portal.

While it's not possible for two admins to view the same demo portal, we believe this will allow for the best personal experience of an individual admin to explore and discover PiiQ's many uses.

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