What type of demo data is provided?

Each demo organization portal is fully loaded with detailed & realistic review data for a medium-sized company. You'll have the freedom to explore all the features of PiiQ through the eyes of an ideal client portal configuration.  Cornerstone has been in the HR space for quite some time, and we're happy to share both the wisdom of our clients and the best practices of tried and true performance methodologies through this demo portal.

The demo data offers the following pre-loaded data to allow a rich and meaningful interaction with the PiiQ application so you can test its features at your leisure:


The demo organization contains 60 active employees in a 6 level hierarchy to showcase a realistic company. The demo covers employees in a wide range of common departments like sales, IT support, finance and HR.

When you access the demo organization you will take over as the head of operations. This user reports directly to the CEO but has a large extended team to manage. At the same time, the user has admin level access. This gives you the optimal position to experience and test all features PiiQ has to offer.

Take a look at the org chart below to see how the reporting structure is built out:

People tree of the demo organiziation.png

Furthermore, the demo organization offers four of the common tag sets to support data analysis. This includes department, location, company start date, and experience level.

Content Library

The demo organization is packed with best practice recommendations, showcasing a light and compact goal/competency framework for professional services. More specifically, each demo organization comes with:

  • 23 unique roles covering common functions like R&D, Finance, HR, Sales, and Prof. Services
  • 4 Goals including Financial Goals, Client & Product Goals, Internal & Operational as well as People Learning goals to highlight the various skill areas for employees covering external and internal targets which together create the basis for business success.
  • 25 Competencies focusing on soft skills which are popular with our clients as they provide a wide range of metrics to measure personal performance and development.

Review Data

In order to make the demo organization a true and efficient testing tool, we needed to make the data as realistic as possible. To that end, we've created fully populated review cycles for all 60 active employees. Each of these reviews can be accessed via the 9-box grid and are tailored to the individual cycle, having unique goals and personal comments for each user:

  • 3 completed performance review cycle - 1 active and 2 historical review rounds
  • 9,200+ individual ratings (That's a lot of slider pins)
  • 4,020+ individual comments (Enough to fill a book with 200 pages. A very confusing book.)
  • 3,010+ personal goals to showcase a multitude of roles and individual performance stories

Take a look around and see what might work for your own organization! We have a lot of ideas, and we're not opposed to sharing.

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