Continuous Performance Management

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous performance management is defined as performance management processes that take place throughout the year on an ongoing basis, as opposed to traditional annual appraisals. Let's keep it simple, it's really an open conversation that never ends! People need more than just one conversation a year to discuss goals, work progress, and performance to date.

One of the most common approaches is ongoing one-on-one conversations between managers and direct reports. Whether you have known each other a month or a year, why not check-in and chat every so often?! In order to promote growth as an organization, everyone needs to stay aligned, so don't leave room for miscommunication by leaving out continuous performance management. Use the time for objective setting, personal and professional development conversations, and real-time feedback!

Why Continuous Performance Management?

Well, better question, why not? There are so many benefits to the process! For now, let's focus on the three primary benefits associated with continuous performance management:

  • Empowerment: Don't limit what your employees set as performance expectations by feeling as though they have to wait for the organization’s approval during an annual process. Empower them to continually expand their expectations throughout the year, challenging employees to take that extra step.

  • Course Correction:  What happens if an employee is underperforming, or maybe they are detached due to a lack of guidance? Continuous performance management promotes prioritization of goals and how to approach work, allowing for more rapid course correction. Now, employees are on track and you identified low performance early enough to make a simple correction. Don't wait until it is too late!

  • Engagement : Given more frequent conversations, managers and direct reports often develop stronger relationships—leading to greater attention to direct reports’ needs, and more trusting and open work environments. The result can also be an improvement in employee engagement.

Role of Check-ins in Continuous Performance Management

Out with the old and in with the new, or so it seems! Companies are switching to a culture of continuous performance management with frequent, recorded check-ins. Don't miss out on the fun, let managers and employees connect on any topic they may find helpful (e.g. 1:1, Coaching) throughout the year.

Check-ins ensure employees feel supported by their managers and are provided a central place to see how they progress over time. It is a perfect place to identify what they need guidance on, and get quick feedback!

The underlying philosophy surrounding feedback and performance reviews is changing. Check-ins and continuous learning are producing employees who are more satisfied and engaged in their company!

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How do Check-Ins relate to formal, annual performance reviews?

Performance management is ultimately about supporting employees! All organizations want to reach their highest potential, and this may not be achieved through conducting just once-a-year performance review. Regular check-ins with frequent feedback are proven to be the best way to improve performance.

We know this is new, so we provided our best practice outline to get you started:





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