View Overall Scores Report

If you need a quick overview of how your organization is ranking, we've got the report for you! The Overall Scores Report provides administrators and managers a glance into users' performance. It also provides a great way to compare performance scoring across teams to identify top performers.


Report visibility is determined by your active Cycle View:

  • Managers with the My Team Cycle View will generate a report for their direct and indirect reports.
  • Administrators with the Company Cycle View will generate a report for the entire organization.
  1. Use the Cycle Selector to select the review cycle you wish to report on.

  1. Go to the main Dashboard, then click Download, on the Manager Review widget. 
  1. Please click Download Overall Scores.
  1. Review the Data!

Here is a breakdown of what you will find:

  • The average goal score
  • The average competency score
  • The final Overall score and the overall score label corresponding to this score
  • User's other details such as role, title, manager name etc.

Don't forget...

  • The range of the goal & competency score on the report is in accordance with your Rating Scales setting. This cannot be changed mid-round.
  • The range and visibility of the final Overall score and label are in accordance with your Overall Score configuration setting. This can be changed mid-round.
  • If there is "N/A" in Performance Score column, then it implies either the user doesn't have any goals or their goals haven't been rated by the manager.
  • If there is "N/A" in Competency Score column, then it implies either the user doesn't have any competencies or their competencies haven't been rated by the manager.
  • The Overall score will only appear if the review has been Submitted by the manager.
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