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Get Involved and Drive Engagement!

Let’s take a minute (or a few) for the managers. You are a huge part of developing employees at your organization, and we want to give you all the tools you need to make PiiQ Learning easy to use. We are here to help you drive your teams’ engagement and success!

Let’s start by getting you logged in. Since it is your first time accessing PiiQ, you’ll need to set a password. You can click on "Forgot Password?" from the login page, or reset your password here. Just enter in your email and follow the instructions. If you are having trouble logging in, don’t worry, we have a more in-depth guide.

Now that you are in, let’s take a tour! The PiiQ learning portal is extremely user-friendly, but we want to review the five main touchpoints:




  1. Me: Here you’ll find all you need to know about your PiiQ profile and your learning, including a transcript of all assigned and self-registered courses with due dates.
  2. My Team: Drill down into your teams’ engagement and learning, seeing active and completed courses, plus alerts of overdue courses. Just click into any user for a complete transcript. (P.S. – Check “Show Extended Team” if you see it for details on your direct reports’ teams)
  3. Learning: This will take you to our learning library, where you have a lot to explore (1,630 courses and counting!).
  4. Help: We know change takes some time, so click for help any time you have a question.
  5. Courses: If you already have some courses assigned, you will see them here, as well as recommended, trending, and featured courses as you scroll down.

Now that you’re comfortable navigating your PiiQ dashboard, I hope you are ready to jump in and get your team involved! There will always be compliance courses to take, but have some fun with your course assignments, too! Managers have the best insights into what might interest their team. Perhaps you’re an international company and know an employee wants to learn German, or maybe an employee is on a new yoga kick. We have courses for all of that! Let your employees know you are there to help them develop their interests, in addition to company and department required training, to keep them engaged.

There are three simple steps to take when you are ready to spark your teams’ learning:

  1. Browse the Learning Library
  2. Play a course
  3. Assign courses

At this point, you are almost a PiiQ professional, but there is one more thing to discuss, creating content. You are probably thinking 1,900+ courses are enough, but we want you to be able to make branded material specific to your organization! Courses can cover anything; all you have to do is attach the content you want your employees to review.

Example: Let’s say you are a remote company, and your team has a special communication process. You can create a chapter reviewing internal communicator tools, a chapter reviewing Microsoft Outlook calendar protocol within your team, and a chapter with an outline of how to track your week to report to managers. When you hire someone new, now all you have to do is assign your custom course, and then you can track when it is complete and know your team will always have access to those documents!

That’s just one idea, but I will leave you with these four steps, for when you inevitably come up with your own great plan:

  1. Create a Course Draft
  2. Share a Draft with an Admin
  3. Publishing a Course
  4. Manage Created Courses

Well, it's now official. You're a PiiQ pro and we are going to have to start asking you questions! Speaking of which, if you ever need any help, please check out our contact page and reach out to us. As I said, we are here to make PiiQ Learning an easy to use tool!

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