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You’ve probably heard your HR Team or manager talking about a cool new learning tool lately, cue your PiiQ introduction! Our goal is to drive your success and help you stand out professionally and personally. PiiQ offers engaging content, and gets you involved in driving your own learning journey! 

Step one is getting logged in. If it is your first time accessing PiiQ, you’ll need to set a password. You can click on "Forgot Password?" from the login page, or reset your password here. Just enter in your email and follow the instructions. If you are having trouble logging in, don’t worry, we have a more in-depth guide. 

Now that you are in, let’s take a tour! The PiiQ learning portal is extremely user-friendly, but we want to review the four main touchpoints: 




  1. Me: Here you’ll find all you need to know about your PiiQ profile and your learning, including a transcript of all assigned and self-registered courses with due dates. 
  2. Learning: This will take you to our learning library, where you have a lot to explore (1,630 courses and counting!). 
  3. Help: We know change takes some time, so click for help any time you have a question. 
  4. Courses: If you already have some courses assigned, you will see them here, as well as recommended, trending, and featured courses as you scroll down. 

Now that you’re comfortable navigating your PiiQ dashboard, it’s time to start learning! You already have enough compliance courses assigned, so take it a step further. Still not sure how that GoPro you got for your birthday two years ago works? Register for our GoPro for Beginners course. Working towards a manager promotion? Show initiative and register for the 10 Day Leader Challenge.  

Don’t stop there. PiiQ is your tool to advertise just how ready you are to take the next step at your organization and trust us, managers are looking for that.  Show them that you are ready to help the company grow by taking the time to develop your skills and interests.  

Once you’re ready, there are three simple steps to take to spark your learning: Browse, Register, and Play! It can’t get much easier, so why wait? 

We have given you a lot to think about, 1,900 courses and counting to be exact, so we will let you get to it! 😉 If something come ups, check out our help centerIf you can’t find your answer, reach out to your manager or PiiQ admin, and they will likely have some insights (or know how to get a hold of us if it requires a bit more support)! 

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