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 Taking the Guesswork out of Performance Evaluations 

You just completed your company’s performance review and may have some questions:

  • Who are the top performers?
  • Who’s got what it takes but needs a little bit more coaching?
  • Is the performance of the company aligning with individual performance evaluations? 

With PiiQ Insights and 9-Box Analytics, you won’t need to look far to find the answers you need. Managers & Admins have a comprehensive view of their team’s performance to help them get the best return on their coaching investment. 

To access 9-Box Analytics, use the left side Navigation bar > Insights > 9-Box.



How does it work? 

The 9-Box consists of two axes: Performance and Competency. PiiQ takes the total goal (performance) score and total competency score of your people and places them accordingly on the grid. The placement is based on the Manager Review and shows both un-submitted (the work-in-progress) and submitted reviews per cycle. Each user is represented by an avatar with the user's initials or their profile picture if they have one. The higher the scoring for both goals and competencies, the further towards the top right corner the user will go!

This at-a-glance view allows you to instantly visualize your spectrum of talent, look for rating inconsistencies, or even spot the over-generous rater. Customize tags to allow you to search by locations, departments, or whatever information is important to your business!

Use this information to help your managers become better coaches, decide performance improvement plans, or make compensation and promotion decisions.

Let’s take a deep dive into the functionality of 9-Box Analytics:

  • 9-Box Views- My Team, My Extended Team, Organization
  • Review Cycle Selector
  • Search for an Employee
  • Filter with Tags in 9-box 
  • Dive even further with Employee Specific Analytics
    • Reviews
    • Performance outliers
    • Coaching notes

9-Box Views

Depending on your permission levels, you will have different options for how to view your people on the 9-Box grid. 

  • My Team view: This default view allows managers to visualize their direct team’s performance all in one place. 
  • My Extended Team view: If you are a manager of managers, this view allows visibility into your entire reporting line's performance
  • Organization view: Reserved for admins only, this view displays the entire organization. 



Review Cycle Selector

All historic reviews are available via the 9-Box Review Cycle Selector drop-down menu. 



Search for an employee

To search for an employee, start by typing the employee's first and/or the last name in the Search By Name field. 

What if an employee does not appear? 

  • Check to make sure you are in the correct review cycle
  • Confirm you have selected the correct Team view
  • Please note: For employees to be visible on the 9-box grid, managers are required to rate them on at least one goal or competency via the slider. 



Filter with Tags

Tags and search filters go hand-in-hand and are a great way for you to further segment your people. 

If you haven’t already established tags, please check out our Tags Help Guide and How to Use Tags for Advanced Reporting.

Please note: Users will also need the tags assigned to them in the People Section for the filters to work properly.

To filter with tags, you may select one of the featured ‘Filter by” buttons or click “More filters…” for an expanded view of options. You may click all that apply for your specific search criteria. 



Employee Specific Analytics

Once you have selected the correct Team view, Review Cycle, and searched for People, you have the option to click into each People avatar to see Employee Specific Analytics. 

Here you can:

  • View the Employee’s Profile details
  • Get an at-a-glance view of key details
    • Reviewer’s Name
    • Number of Direct Reports
    • Position on 9-Box Grid
    • Performance outliers so you know what skills need developing and what skills you can rely on
  • Quick access to the Manager Review 
  • View the Overall Score
  • Coaching notes that correspond with the placement on the 9-Box grid




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